Photography by Elvira Azimova since 2009

How I photographed Azerbaijani wedding with 600 guests

Here are some tips and insights on how to successfully tackle such an assignment:
Preparation is Key: Before the wedding day, I communicated extensively with the couple to understand their expectations, key moments, and any specific cultural traditions that need to be captured.

I familiarized myself with the wedding venue in advance. I identified key locations for the ceremony, reception, and group photos. This helped me to move efficiently on the big day.
I ensured I had my 2 cameras gear, extra batteries, memory cards, and backup equipment. With such a large event, it's crucial to be prepared for any technical issues.

Work with the couple to create a shot list, outlining important family members, cultural rituals, and specific group shots they wish to have.
While I was photographing the main events, consider having assistants or second shooters to capture candid moments and different angles during the ceremony and reception.
We planed our time wisely. We allocated sufficient time for key moments, but also we left room for spontaneous shots and candid moments.
I always respectful of cultural traditions. With a large number of guests, I needed to move quickly and was adaptable to capture various interactions and emotional moments.

I took wide-angle shots to showcase the grandeur and atmosphere of the wedding, including the décor, guests, and surroundings. Photographing a wedding of this scale requires meticulous planning, stamina, and the ability to handle unexpected moments. But by staying organized, engaging with guests, and being attentive to cultural nuances, I was be able to beautifully capture the essence of the Azerbaijani wedding with 600 guests, creating lasting memories for the couple and their loved ones.
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