Photography by Elvira Azimova since 2009
Terms and Conditions
of Elvira Smirnova (, photographer Elvira Azimova)

1. Delays and Lateness to Photoshoot:

1.1 You are required to make all reasonable efforts to communicate any delays or lateness to the beginning of the photoshoot as soon as you become aware of such a delay.

1.2 In the event of a delayed start to the photoshoot, the time allocated for the session will still begin at the originally agreed-upon time and end at the originally agreed-upon time, unless you opt to extend the photoshoot session for an additional fee (as outlined below).

1.3 Extensions to the original photoshoot can be arranged in 30-minute blocks, subject to availability. These extensions will be charged at the standard rate of £150 per hour, with each additional 30-minute block priced at £75.

2. Copyright:

2.1 As per UK law, the photographer retains all rights to the images taken during the photoshoot.

2.2 You, as the client, are granted permission to use the photographs for any personal purposes. For commercial reproduction of the images, prior written consent is required from the photographer, and attribution may be necessary.

3. Cancellation Policy:

3.1 In the event of cancellation within one week of the scheduled photoshoot date, the entire sum for the service must be paid.

3.2 If the photographer has already booked non-refundable tickets or incurred expenses related to the photoshoot, any cancellation or changes made by the client will result in the client covering these expenses.

3.4 Changes to the date of the photoshoot can be made within five days of the scheduled date without incurring additional charges. However, if changes are made less than five days before the scheduled date, the entire sum for the service must still be paid.

3.5 Changes to a new date can be made to a different date up to two weeks ahead from the originally booked date, subject to photographer availability. If the photographer is available for the new date, the change can be accommodated without incurring additional charges.

4. Travel Fee:

4.1 A travel fee of £50 is applicable for train and bus tickets to and from the photoshoot location.

4.2 If the total cost of train and bus tickets exceeds £50, the client is responsible for covering the additional expenses.

4.3 The travel fee is not a deposit and is separate from any deposit required to secure the booking.

4.4 Any travel expenses incurred by the photographer, such as non-refundable tickets, will be covered by the client in the event of cancellation or changes made by the client.

By engaging our services, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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