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How does a professional wedding photographer work in London. Few words about Elvira's photography style
In my 13 years of experience in wedding photography, I have worked with wedding couples of all different kinds in 31 countries around the world.
I often hear questions like - "how should we stand in front of the camera?" and "how should we pose?" or "what should we do?". These are quite normal questions of normal people who are not professional models and are looking for a bit of guidance.

Elvira's style of wedding photography in London

It has been developed for a long time and I know how to direct the couple so that everyone is comfortable when on the photoshoot so that the photos look as natural as possible, as well as how to capture the right shot and be at the right time in the right place in the fast-paced wedding process. My mission as a professional is to help you during the "posing" and be “invisible” during the process of capturing your special day.
wedding photography photojournalistic style London Castle wedding

The wedding day is divided into several stages

In each of them, the wedding photographer covers many types of photography, a still-life photographer, a portrait photographer, and a reportage photographer, sometimes, even a fashion and food photographer.
For example the process of the bride getting ready. Usually, the time of morning preparations is limited, there isn't time for long sessions of posing, people have things to get on with and places to be. We catch shots, get creative and look for amazing shots in unexpected places.

Getting ready

wedding photography photojournalistic style London Castle wedding
In a short period of time, you need to be able to create beautiful shots of the small details of the day, jewellery, rings, dresses, which the newlyweds choose with love and care. Make sure your wedding photographer has the proper lenses for the full spectrum of tasks for your wedding day.

Back to the wedding morning, the tricks here is to show the atmosphere of the morning without disturbing the makeup artist and hair stylist. Here the wedding photographer became a reportage photographer, to document the process in a creative manner while staying almost invisible to get beautiful natural shots and to explore the available space and get creative within the are to try capture the best images from a range of angles and put your emotions on display.

Portrait photographs

wedding photography photojournalistic style London Castle wedding
When the newlyweds are ready, the most beloved and valuable part comes - the time of portrait photographs. Capturing a high-quality portrait of the bride and groom in the chaos of a hotel room or homely atmosphere sometimes is not an easy process. But if your wedding photographer is a professional, you are lucky - you will get beautiful images that you will treasure forever.

Wedding walk

wedding photography photojournalistic style London Castle wedding
At a wedding walk, everything depends on the professionalism of the photographer. How much he will feel your couple and how easily and naturally the photographer will create a relaxed atmosphere when shooting tete-a-tete will depend on your main walking shots from the wedding.

My style of work is to guide, to help you relax and act natural, not make you freeze and and hold a post standing without breathing with frozen faces.
We joke, laugh, walk and don't forget to enjoy the wedding day. After all, this day was created for you to enjoy it with each other, and not for a photo shoot. During the walk, the Photographer tries to capture your whirlwind of emotions, your loving happy looks and glow eyes the natural beauty of two people in love enjoying each others company on their most important day.

Wedding registration

wedding photography photojournalistic style London Castle wedding
The official part of the wedding usually takes place in the format of a reportage and staging. The photographer should not be noticeable when meeting guests and emotional moments. Official staging photographs are usually taken the other way under the strict control of the production photographer.

The balance of control, involvement in the process and the option of an invisible photographer is a great skill, an understanding of the psychology and essence of a wedding celebration. There shouldn't be “a lot" of your photographer. A wedding day is not shooting for a photographer's portfolio. It is an honour to document your celebration and this process should be solely for you and within your wishes.


wedding photography photojournalistic style London Castle wedding
Shooting a banquet is my favourite part of all the stages of the wedding day. Pure reporting, pure buzz and emotions. Often, guests and the couple themselves want to take official photos, and I am always in support of such an idea. Years later you will look at these photos and remember how young and happy you were on your wedding day.

A professional photographer is a virtuoso juggler of many genres of photography. When choosing your photographer, pay attention to the quality of both reportage and staged shots of each of the parts of the wedding day.

Thank you for your time!