Photography by Elvira Azimova since 2009

What will I get as a result of the wedding?

I used to give countless photos after the wedding, many hundreds, sometimes thousands. I was afraid to deprive a couple by deleting a lot of valuable shots.

Over time, my style developed more clearly and my experience grew, I began to approach the shooting itself and the choice of shots more intelligently and professionally.
The 2000 photographs I used to give were replaced by a package of amazing quality photos and, additional video material that could be used on social media and other places.

Photo result of your wedding:

I take my time to give you the best selected images and carefully and subtly processed images so you get the absolute best of your photoshoot without the unnecessary copies and doubles of the same scene. They will be all in full colour and you will also get them in black and white. I love black and white photography it really does add a sense of atmosphere on some images, so I thought to myself, "why am I choosing here?" and instead decided to always give away the photos in both colour and monochrome.
So you'll get the absolute top quality photos and everyone is happy!

Video result:

With the approach to content and media sharing changing and new types of social networks such as TikTok and Instagram reels, people are now often focused more on short video clips.
From your wedding it makes sense to have some small videos for uploading to the social network to be able to show to family and friends your special day.
I will be shooting short clips of the day when time permits, this is not a full video of the whole day, but a clip that shows some nice moments.
This is example of short video that was created for my clients during their London proposal photoshoot. Videos are becoming trendy on social media. So we thought why not to include it in every package. It is a great opportunity for clients in London to have memorable moments captured on video.
Photos and such video for social media are included in every of our engagement packages.

In engagement photography package you will get minimum 2 hours of photo-shoot, 100 shots, taken with 1 camera, all shots will be edited and given to you in HD in colour & black and white via link transfer.
You may change several looks and we will visit couple of close locations within 1 km from each other.
Engagement Photoshoot and Short Video in London
Proposal photography in London and short video clip was created in St Dunstan in the East Church Garden, London by Elvira Azimova.
Photos and video are included in every package.

Short Video of Indian Wedding in London
Wedding photo shoot and short video clip in one package London. Super offer for your wedding day.
Photos and video are included in gold and whole day packages.

This content was created of Indian Wedding in London for beautiful couple during their wedding ceremony in the Hindu temple.
Photos and such a video for a social media are included in our Gold and Whole day wedding packages.

In our Golden package you will get minimum 5 hours of photo-shoot, 400 shots, taken with 2 camera, all shots will be edited and given to you in HD in colour & black and white via link transfer.
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